Fire Pump Testing

Fire pumps /hydrants are required to be tested and certified in order to determine the available water flow in case of a fire emergency. In addition, fire pumps/hydrants may be tested at the request of architects, engineers, etc, in order to determine the available water supply for the purpose of designing effective fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Pump Testing Includes:

  • Churn-test fire pumps at a no-flow condition to make sure it is up to manufacturer’s standards at a no-load condition
  • Test fire pumps by flowing water out of test header, operating Fire Pump at 100% and 150%
  • Check Jockey Pump and Fire Pump pressure settings
  • Make sure it is monitored on FACP for Pump Running & Power Failure
  • We test the automatic time on Fire Pump Controller

Fire Pump/ Hydrant Flow Testing

  • Flush and flow private hydrants according to NFPA 25 code

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