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  • 5 Year Certification



In addition to being dangerous, fires can also be very expensive. The USFA says that fires cost the United States over six billion dollars in 2010. If a fire hits your office, you may have to spend a great deal of money in repairing the damage. Fortunately, a fire equipment testing company can help,

There are several different kinds of fire protection systems available. Even though we do not work with warranties, we offer other services that will benefit you. For instance, getting fire sprinkler testing is one of the most useful. You’ll want to make sure that the sprinklers will activate and spray water the moment they detect smoke.

You can hire fire inspection companies to take care of these and other problems. They’ll know how to take care of tasks like stand pipe testing, and can also offer 5 year certifications. You can even have them come in for regular inspections, so as to make sure you are meeting requirements for fire safety.

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